You know that sinking feeling, right?

You’re in the grocery store when suddenly you see that person walk in the door. You hurry to the next aisle to avoid running into them.

It’s not that you wouldn’t be friendly to them face to face, it’s just that every time you see them, your skin crawls, your stomach hurts and you start to feel those unwanted feelings churning inside.

Is it possible that you are holding on to unforgiveness?

Maybe you wouldn’t call it that. But unforgiveness can come in all sizes and can hide deep within your heart, manifesting those feelings at the most inopportune times.

Find out how to live your life in peace.
Join me in my journey of discovering how to walk through storms without sinking.

As God led me through the process of forgiveness, I learned that unforgiveness can hide in the thoughts and angst that can keep you tossing and turning all night long.

I also learned how to walk in forgiveness on a daily basis.

Even forgiving the little things that can be so hard to forgive.

You, too, can live in freedom from the mental exhaustion of constantly trying to overcome those nagging feelings that steal your peace. Discover new ways to live your life in complete freedom.

Learn how to live free!

I really appreciated Rhonda’s ability to be so open and vulnerable with her readers. She did not minimize the pain of her journey nor wallow in it …. I would definitely recommend Whisper in the Storm to any women in the difficult journey of a divorce. Her courage, honesty and faith through her life’s storms would be the comfort of an empathetic friend “who knows”.  ~ Amazon Reviewer